From tweets to snaps, we got you.

Welcome to Vult Lab! We are marketing communications strategists who work with forward-thinking companies, organizations and thought leaders to amplify reach and build engaged communities.

We aren’t just thinking about likes and follows, we’re thinking about you, your followers and your brand as we create a successful social media marketing strategy.
— Kelly Ann Collins, CEO at Vult Lab
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Our team’s wealth of experience—gained from working on digital marketing, editorial, business development and cause-related initiatives involving brands you know and love—brings a unique twist to the way we develop our social media marketing strategies.

Before we even begin our work, we do a thorough analysis of your channels and give you information on your competitors.
Then we create a strategy and a simple plan that will take your social media channels from “Pretty good.” to “Shazam!”

Accelerate engagements, grow your business and achieve massive social media marketing success with Vult Lab!


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