Turn Your Top Facebook Fans Into Money and Marketers

Turn Your Top Facebook Fans Into Money and Marketers

Facebook’s Top Fans feature gives you a new opportunity to make money and get free marketing.

If your Facebook page has more than 10,000 likes, people who follow your page have the opportunity to be labelled as a Top Fan – someone who likes, shares, and comments on your posts more than anyone else.

The Top Fans badge system makes it possible to identify the people who are the most active in your Facebook community. If you treat your Top Fans right, you’ll be able to make money from them, get free marketing, and build some major brand loyalty.

Join me as we figure out how to get your Top Fans to be faithful spenders—and a free marketing team.

(Need an in-depth refresher about the Top Fans badge system before we dive in? Team Vult Lab recently talked about it on our blog, over here.)

Benefits of Reward: The Top Fan Work-Reward Cycle

Your goal should be to incentivize your Top Fans to be loyal to your business, which results in them spending money with you and spreading the word about you.

In other words, you need to reward them for being a Top Fan.

They’re going to deserve whatever reward you give them. Remember, someone gets a Top Fan badge by liking, commenting, and sharing your posts more than anyone else. And every time they interact with your content, even if it’s just liking it, your content is going to show up in their friends’ News Feeds.

By rewarding your Top Fans, you will:

  • Give them a reason to stay a Top Fan. If they’re rewarded for consistently interacting with your posts, they’re going to keep doing it. This means they’ll keep giving you free organic marketing by liking, commenting, and sharing your content.

  • Give followers who aren’t Top Fans incentive to become one. If they see someone else get rewarded, they’ll want that, too. So what happens? Other people start interacting with your posts more. This creates a cascading effect of free marketing.

  • Create competition in your online community. When people who aren’t Top Fans try to win the badge away from someone who is, this will undoubtedly make a friendly fight. Your followers will strive to out-like, out-comment, and out-share each other, all because they want that reward you’ll give them for being a Top Fan.

I call this the Top Fan Work-Reward Cycle. Check out the diagram, below:


It’s all a repeating cycle that benefits you and the loyal social media follower. They work for the Top Fan badge, you reward them for their hard work, and this motivates them to do it all over again.

The Work-Reward Cycle also grows itself. The cycle causes you to continuously build your social media community by bringing in new followers who want to compete for your reward. The cycle also gives them a reason to be a part of your online community.

This isn’t a strategy with immediate benefit. You likely won’t see a massive influx of money and followers right away. But this strategy has significant long-term value. Your Top Fans will become loyal and spread the word about you, and it’s loyal, long-term customers who bring in large profits.

How Should You Reward Them?

This entire strategy relies on the reward you’ll give your Top Fans. What are some rewards that will keep them coming back for more?

The reward doesn’t have to be big. You don’t have to give away MacBook Pros. Here are several ideas to get you started.

1. Free merchandise.

Do you have business swag like T-Shirts, hats, mugs, or something else? Give one away to your Top Fan. People love free things, and something as simple as this will make sure they keep participating in the Work-Reward Cycle.

2. Recognize them on Facebook.

When you reward them, let your community know about it. Post about how so-and-so won a free t-shirt by being your page’s Top Fan. This lets people know you do hand out rewards and that you appreciate what your followers do for your online presence.

3. Give them a discount.

I don’t know what your business sells, but I guarantee you can discount it. This gives your Top Fan a reason to buy even more from you than they normally would, and it puts some money in your pocket right away.

4. Partner with another business to offer reciprocal discounts.

This idea is my favorite out of the whole list. Partner with another business who will honor your Top Fans. On top of any benefits your Top Fans get from you, they also get specials and discounts at the business you partner with. Of course, this has to go both ways. You’ll need to honor the Top Fans of your partner, too.

I like this idea because it not only helps another business, but it gives your online community another huge reason to fight for that Top Fan status. It also gives your business access to a slice of your partner’s customer base, which could be people who would not have been your customers if you hadn’t started this partnership.

5. Give them access to a sale before anyone else.

Do you ever have scheduled sales on products? Many places run monthly specials to sweeten the deal for their customers. Consider giving your Top Fans access to this sale before anyone else. You can even foster a sense of urgency by running a sale that only applies to the first 25 people who buy the product. If your Top Fans can buy the product first, they’ll love the fact they’re practically guaranteed to be part of that 25.

6. Exclusive Merchandise

Sell items for your Top Fans that normal customers can’t buy. If you’re a gym, your Top Fans can buy a special training session. Are you a coffee shop? They can buy an exclusive latte flavor. There’s countless ways to spin this for any business model. What are some products or services your business can sell exclusively to your Top Fans?

7. Interview them.

If they’re local, have them come into your business, sit them down on the couch, and film a quick interview. Give them a chance to talk about your business, what they like, why they wanted to be a Top Fan, and more. If video isn’t your thing, no problem. Create a blog post about it. Turn it into a podcast. Do something to showcase your Top Fan.

The rewards you could come up with are endless. Sit down, brainstorm with your team, and see how you can reward your customers for being Top Fans.

What are some other ways to benefit your Top Fans? How else can you keep them in the Top Fan Work-Reward Cycle? Tweet me about it! @_Jaroldo_

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