Simply Superb: Your Quick Guide to Snapchat Advertising Part 1

Simply Superb: Your Quick Guide to Snapchat Advertising Part 1

If your business targets a younger demographic, you must advertise on Snapchat. You’re missing a valuable audience if you don’t.

Snapchat reaches 41% of ALL 18-to-34-year-olds in the United States every single day.

Yes, you read that right. Every. Single. Day.

If you compare that stat with the age demographic Facebook reaches, the difference is huge.  

The 18-34 age group makes up only 23% of Facebook’s user base, and many users in that age group don’t use Facebook every day.

On top of that, Snapchat offers more variety when it comes to ad types, and ad interaction is much higher than ads on Facebook. Hootsuite says, “With Snapchat, for every 1,000 of your followers, 900 will watch your story.”

And – get this – Snapchat ads are cheaper. You will pay little with a high return.

In this article, we’ll look at Snapchat’s ad types. In the next article, we’ll walk through how to create your ad on Snapchat.

Non-traditional ads: What kind of ads can you make?

Advertising on Snapchat requires a different mindset than traditional social media marketing. As social media marketers, we’re used to creating brief videos for people to quickly interact with. We also create short text ads to promote Facebook pages or to link out to a website.

Yes, you can do these things on Snapchat, but this style doesn’t make up the bulk of successful Snap ads. Aside from a traditional video ad, Snapchat has other ad types that focus on user interaction.

Here are the three types of ads you can make on Snapchat:

  • Snap ads (10-second video ad)

  • Sponsored lenses

  • On-demand Geofilters

Snap Ads

Snap Ads are a “traditional” type of ad you can make for Snapchat. These are quick, 10-second video ads that play with sound.

Snap Ads are typically used to send a user to something outside of Snapchat, such as a website, an app install, a longer video, or something else.

Although the other ad types make up the bulk of the most successful Snapchat ads, Snap Ads shouldn’t be counted out, either.

Snap Ads have an impressive interaction rate. HootSuite tells us that, “60% of [Snap Ads] are watched with the sound on … [while] 85% of videos on Facebook are watched on mute.”

Now THAT is a statistic worth knowing. HootSuite continues, “The more senses people use, the better they will relate to what you show and say.”

In other words, when people hear your ad, you get better results.

Sponsored Lenses

This is where you need to ditch the traditional social media marketing mindset. Now we’re looking at ads that are exclusive to Snapchat and aren’t like another form of social media ads you’re used to.

If you’ve ever used Snap, you’ve probably used a Sponsored Lens before. This is a camera feature that lets users modify their selfie. You can put on goofy hats, change your eye color, and more. (Along that line, here’s a picture of me with a sick beard! If only I could actually grow a beard that nice.)

The problem with this ad type is that it can be freakin’ expensive. A popular example of a successful lens is one made by Taco Bell. They reached over 200 million people in 24 hours, but it also cost them an estimated $750,000.

Yeah, $750,000 in 24 hours. That’s out of almost everyone’s budget (unless you’re Taco Bell, of course).


If your business is small (like most businesses out there), Geofilters are a great way to get started with Snapchat advertising. They’re cheap and effective, making them accessible to anyone.


A Geofilter is an overlay that a Snapchatter puts over their selfie by swiping left. Here’s a Geofilter combined with the awesome beard I wish I had.

You can make one of these yourself and decide what area they’re active in. You can make a Geofilter people can use when they’re at your business event or even when they’re just in your store.

Take advantage of this, because people use these things a lot. It’s an easy way to get people to spread the word about you.

Geofilters are cheap, too. After you make your filter and pick the area it’ll be active in, Snapchat gives you your price. I can create a Geofilter that runs for 5 days along the entire Main Street of Buckhannon, WV, for only $43.

Go Get ‘Em

I highly encourage you to give this a try. Whether you go with a quick Snap Ad or a week-long Geofilter, it’s a small investment with a potentially huge payoff.

Go ahead and try it once to see what kind of response you get. Snapchat has a wonderful Ad Manager that allows you to analyze how your ad performed.

In the next article, we’ll walk through how to create your first Geofilter.

Until then, have you advertised on Snapchat before? How do you think your Snap ads performed when compared to Facebook ads? Do you have anything else to add about the basics of Snapchat advertising? Tweet me about it! @_Jaroldo_

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