Instagram Checkout Makes Selling Your Products a Whole Lot Easier

Instagram Checkout Makes Selling Your Products a Whole Lot Easier

Shopping on Instagram just got a whole lot easier.

Back in March Instagram announced Instagram Checkout, a new feature that lets Instagrammers buy products they love without leaving the app.

Instagram Checkout extends upon product tags, a feature introduced back in 2018. When a user taps on a product, a tag appears showing them who sells it, how much it costs, and a button that takes them to the retailer’s website.

That process caused a lot of hassle. The user would have to leave Instagram, go to the retailer’s website, and enter their payment information each time. It was too easy to get lost in the flow and be taken away from your Instagram feed for too long.

That’s where Instagram Checkout comes in.

If the product’s retailer is using Instagram Checkout, the user won’t see a button that leads them away from Instagram. Instead, they’ll see a button that says “Checkout on Instagram.”

They can then buy the product without leaving the app at all. And if they’ve already given Instagram their payment information, they won’t even be asked. The product is on its way in just one tap.

How Does This Help You?


Maybe you don’t think that sounds like much, but it’s a game changer.

Remember that Instagram has 1 billion active users. According to BigCommerce, 60% of those users say they discover new products on the platform, and 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile per day.

In other words, people are already shopping on Instagram.

Instagrammers are already using the app to discover products they love.

And this turns Instagram into a place where you can easily buy what you discover.

You need to take advantage of Instagram Checkout as soon as you can if selling products online is part of your business plan. Millions of people shop online, and if you use Instagram, you have direct access to your customers without having to take them somewhere else.

When Can You Join?

Instagram Checkout is in closed beta right now. That means you can’t enroll your own products yet, but we can expect that to change soon. Instagram absolutely intends to roll out the service to more brands and retailers after the closed beta.

Right now, only 23 brands can take advantage of Instagram Checkout. These include Adidas, Balmain, H&M, and Outdoor Voices.

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