6 Methods for Using Big Data in Your SEO Strategy

6 Methods for Using Big Data in Your SEO Strategy

As internet users, we create more information in a day than we realize. Over 7 Zettabyes of data are on the internet currently with millions of hours of video and countless megabytes of images being injected every day.


Why is big data a big deal?

So, when we talk about “Big Data” as a concept, we are discussing the large sets of information everyone from marketers to computer analysts need to sit down and digest, because they unravel why and how humans do what they do on the internet. Big Data is basically a user-created diagram of human behavior and patterns. The most important question for online marketers to ask is: how can we use this to improve our SEO strategies?

1. Finding the ultimate search terms

You SEO strategy is almost entirely based on one thing: words. These are the most important words in your entire marketing strategy, and Big Data provides a deeper insight in how to pick them accurately. You do not just want to focus on a small set of words, because in reality, the millions of internet users see the world in different ways, therefore using thousands and thousands of differing words and phrases. Big Data’s best friend, Google, has numerous resources such as AdWords and other keyword analyzers to help discover the many variations your keywords can take.

2. Understand the true meaning behind your URL


Take the time to understand the meaning behind your URL as well as you understand your horoscope. Despite how hard we emphasize the importance of keywords with SEO, Big Data can also reveal the intricacies of your URL. How well does your site perform under this specific circumstance? What other similar pages are performing well in my internet bubble and how can I learn from them? Tools like Google Search Console was made to answer all of these burning queries with intense depth on those insights. Really get to know your internet! Every detail about everything from visibility, mobile usage speeds, and analyses about your content length and variance is all at the tip of your fingers. We know how satisfying it is to look at graphs and numbers!

3. There are plenty of other fish in the sea—find the ones that matter

Big Data can show you the people who really influence your advertising campaign. Want to increase those conversion rates? Big Data can tell you who buys your products, and even who reads about them. You can see how many people are sharing your links on social media or tacking them on at the end of their blog posts. How about wanting to find influencers who would be best to advertise your product? Big Data can help with that too.

4. Make those sales skyrocket!


Even a retailer as large as Walmart utilized Big Data when some of their products were not performing as well. Not only did analyzing this data allow them to market products that weren’t selling, it allowed them greater insight into trends. What was hot at the moment? How long did that last? How can they treat similar products in the future? Keeping up with these numbers is crucial because there is no need to spend advertising dollars, continually pumping them into products that will fall out of fashion. Understanding your consumers is always number one!

5. Understand more than just your customers

Despite how most people may think Big Data is only good to understand customer analytics, Big Data can be incorporated into your SEO strategy also by understanding operational analytics and new product and service innovation. What this looks like is making sure your analytics align with the numbers you want and all of the nitty-gritty aspects such as supply chains and IT operations are working effectively. Why do you need this for SEO? Making sure all of the nuts and bolts in the background are functioning optimize the experience for customers. Understanding “the customer journey” is crucial in perfecting SEO.

6. Find out what is a waste of time

As phenomenal of a tool using Big Data can be, it can also reveal the not-as-exciting facets about our marketing strategies. Make sure not to ignore the less-than-good numbers; use those to your advantage. If you see figures that incite disappointment, readjust your mindset into figuring out how Big Data can change those numbers too! Just as Big Data can reveal the wonderful progress your marketing has done, it can reveal what’s not working so you can make your team and strategy function at the highest possible potential.

The Big Data undertaking


Ultimately, perusing through Big Data can seem like a daunting task to undertake, however, when it comes to operating a flawless SEO strategy, it cannot be ignored. It provides priceless information, and those companies and brands which are using its treasure trove of knowledge are miles ahead of the game in comparison to those who do not. Make sure you are not falling behind in the internet world and start digging.

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