Spread the Love with Social Media!

Spread the Love with Social Media!


Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us from Team Vult Lab! You may be wondering… how can I celebrate the holiday through my social media? How is it possible to express all of that love in your heart!?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because we know exactly how to spread the love with a hashtag or two. Here are some lovely tips!

Love your audience.

It’s not every day you can reach out and appreciate your audience! Always remember: they are what make you! Without them, your socials wouldn’t be social at all.

Schedule a few posts throughout the day reminding your audience you care. Or even create a Valentine’s day campaign hashtag and have a conversation and making it personal. Send them a promotion, coupon code, free consultation, or even a digital hug to remind them they aren’t just a pixel making your follower count rise.

Love the world.


You can go a step further from just demonstrating an immense amount of gratitude toward your audience. Think about the big picture and love the whole world! You can do this by spreading love in a verbal or monetary way by posting about or donating to a nonprofit or organization you love and support and send the happy vibes their way too.

We encourage everyone to be creative with how they demonstrate their affection on Valentine’s day. Making the world a better place is definitely a great option!

Love yourself.

Hey, sometimes we all need a self-care day. Consider scheduling your tweets in Hootsuite in advanced and don’t feel selfish if you want to spend this Valentine’s day with loved ones or even just treating yourself.

We know that #StartupHustle… it’s hard! It’s time consuming… It’s exhausting!


Valentine’s day isn’t just about spending time with your significant other. It’s just about love, and why not take this time to love yourself? Your brand can still celebrate, and that’s the beauty of schedulers! If the guilt of staying off Instagram for a day starts to weigh on you, make sure to make special graphics and fun, interactive things for your followers to do in your absence. Trust us: everything is going to be okay!

Don’t be afraid to be cheesy. If there’s any day in the world when that’s acceptable, it’s today… So take advantage of it! Trust us, we won’t judge. In fact, we will probably jump in on the fun. If you’re feeling extra saucy, use one (or more!) of the many heart emojis when you post today! 💕

With all of the love in the world,

Team Vult Lab

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