Wait... there are different categories of social media?

Wait... there are different categories of social media?


You may not know this, but there are different categories to social media! If you take a step back and take a gander at all of the channels you may own, you will realize they function in different ways. It helps to understand each of their unique properties, as well as their strengths for marketers, so you utilize them to your advantage.

Here are some examples to help you along!

Social networks

Guess what! Social networking is a thing! These are your most common social medias and what most digital marketers are familiar with. Websites like LinkedIn and Facebook are just a few in the wide array of social networks, which primary concern themselves with making connections. Though this may seem the priority of all social media, this is not always the case. Are you surprised to find out all of the accounts you have are not just social networks?

Utilizing connection-focused channels as a marketer: research your audience and target with ads.

Discussion forums


A format as old as time, discussion forums have manifested in social media in more modern ways. Digg and Reddit are some of the most popular, with a focus on sharing news and information. Consider how your marketing strategy for these types of websites may shift, as opposed to how you operate on Facebook. Engaging in the spreading of information as opposed to overtly making connections is a slight mindset alteration you may need to work most effectively in these forums.

Utilizing information sharing-focused channels as a marketer: engaging with your audience by providing new insights or answering questions.

Content curation and bookmarking

We all know these as one of the more addictive categories of social media. Websites like Pinterest are most concerned with discovering, saving, and sharing relevant content and media. Flipboard, a curated news creation website, allows you to focus on the content from around the web that best suits your interests while also keeping you informed. The benefit of these social channels is that they do not seem like overt advertisements.

Utilizing sharing-focused channels as a marketer: extending your brand awareness and overall traffic to other venues, such as your website.

Media sharing networks

One of the most fun formats on the web, it provides us avenues like Snapchat and Instagram, as well as YouTube. Encouraging the most engagement of any format, the users on these channels actually create other content based on your brand. Even going so far as sometimes showing their face, one-on-one with you. The primary focus of these channels is to disperse sensory related content to the masses.

Utilizing visually-focused channels as a marketer: inspiring creativity and content creation engagement with your audience.

Blogging and publishing networks

Wordpress. Medium. And even Tumblr could fall into this category. There are so many channels encouraging long (and short) form word-based content, which are best at expressing complex ideas because these platforms have the space to do so! No character limits to worry about here—you can ramble and rant (though we don’t recommend it) if you wanted to. Your audience will appreciate the time you take out of your busy schedule to sit and actually talk with them. Have a mindful space to share ideas.

Utilizing word-focused channels as a marketer: engaging with your audience and finalizing leads to encourages sales and clients.


There are numerous other types of social medias such as anonymous socials, social shopping websites, and consumer review networks. Understanding all of their inner workings will help your overall strategy in the digital universe!

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