4 Social Channels You're Neglecting as a Business

4 Social Channels You're Neglecting as a Business

We all know of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There are numerous other neglected social medias out there which are specialized depending what your company or brand is about. Let’s shed some light on them so you can take advantage of them!

Disclaimer! We always want to remind you not to spread your brand too thin. Be optimal with your social time and be on as many as necessary, but don’t create so many profiles you never post on anything!



This is especially important for you if you have shop front or physical location for your business. In the same way it is critical you input your business data on Google so people can find it in Maps or a cursory search, there are other platforms that help people find personalized recommendations of places to go. 60 million people are on Foursquare, so even if you just have a profile set up will assist you. At least it would allow individuals to add your place to their local adventure to-do lists if they don’t visit you immediately. Google doesn’t have the feature of kind reminders to keep exploring your city!


Though there are so many businesses who utilize Pinterest, the interface often deters larger companies from interacting with it. To create an ideal profile on the site, you must have an excellent graphic designer and a product or service which is primarily visual. Pinterest will not work for everyone, but it provides a unique semi-interactive experience which Instagram does not provide for being another primarily visual-based social. Pinterest will give a closer sense of understanding with your clients if you post DIYs or aesthetic graphics they can pin to their boards and sift through later.



It is possible you have not even heard of Ryze, as it only contains half a million users worldwide. But as far as professional networking is concerned, it is something that can’t be ignored. Compared to the numbers LinkedIn has, it may seem unnecessary to even mess with Ryze. However, the advantage to making a profile on Ryze is how it is geared to up and coming professionals as opposed to already established entrepreneurs. If that is where you are at in your journey, Ryze should be put on your consideration list when you develop your social strategy.


Despite what people think, Tumblr is not dead. There are still countless users reblogging every second of every day. If you have a social media manager willing to put in the time to the platform, it can be one of the most versatile of all the social channels available. If you want to make it the “personal” image of your business by reblogging funnier or more relatable, less business related content, you can do that. You could also engage with like-minded individuals on there who are creative or tech-savvy. The limits of Tumblr are really endless, you just have to be prepared to invest a fair amount of effort for the connections it can provide.


Ultimately, do your research and play around! If you create profiles and find it doesn’t suit you, it is always possible to delete and refocus your energies elsewhere. Give it an appropriate amount of time and don’t give up too soon. It takes patience to really acclimate to social accounts. We wish you luck in finding your footing!

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