6 Reasons to Prioritize #TwitterChats

6 Reasons to Prioritize #TwitterChats

It’s one of Twitter’s most innovative, accidental inventions. One Twitter chat can change your company’s game as far as demonstrating personality and willingness to engage. Now, Twitter doesn’t seem like the best place to have large scale conversations… but you would be wrong!

Here are some reasons you should research some regular Twitter Chats, or perhaps even host your own! But first…

What the heck is a Twitter chat!?


It isn’t like normal forums. Let’s use a hypothetical to imagine what you’re getting into…

A non-profit creates a hashtag for a campaign they are running. In order to brainstorm or think tank with their audience or other influencers, they make sure to set a time for everyone to use their campaign hashtag in response to questions they post during a scheduled hour or day. In short, Twitter chats are moderated conversations utilizing responses and hashtags to track the contents.

Many of the chat prompts will be questions, tweets starting with “Q1: [content] #TwitterChatHashag”.

But why should you even follow this hypothetical train?

1. Organically grow your follower base.

What’s that one overused word in social media marketing? Oh yeah… engagement, engagement, engagement! There is no reason to post anything on social media if it isn’t to engage in some way with your audience. What’s great about Twitter chats is it gives you not just a chance to engage by sharing someone else’s content, but to actually have a full-blown public conversation!

When people see ideas they love, they will retweet. Users who have never engaged with you before find you in Twitter chats. Once they see your brand voice and what you’re like, they are more likely to authentically engage with you in the future.


2. Demonstrate your know-how on your brand’s specialty.

Not to brag or anything, but this isn’t just a chance to make connections—it is also your chance to shine! Make your voice heard in your community. If you are about health and fitness, stand above the rest in the Twittersphere circling health and fitness by making your audience (and future audience) assured you know your stuff! Provide facts, resources, and insider info on the industry (without giving too much away, of course!) so they can see you as a reputable source.

3. Brand your business away from ads.

Sometimes, it is easy to fall into the trap of making our social channels too heavily focused on advertising… it is called social media and digital marketing after all!

At least for Twitter, chats are a way to fill your feed with authentic conversation and step away from the brand publicity for awhile. It gives people’s feeds a break from you attempting to generate leads. It also shows your followers you aren’t just a billboard.


4. Increase your personal connection with your audience.

You probably could have guessed this based on the other tips we have provided, however, it is worth mentioning on its own. You can schedule tweets for months in advance, but they won’t have the personal touch that a conversation in-the-moment will have. There is something about spontaneity that your followers will notice when you post consistently in the chats.

It also puts a voice to the account. Your tweets have a brand voice, sure. But nothing says personability with your audience like a signed tweet directed specifically to them from the founder. How cool is that?

5. Get tips from professionals and meet experts.

Even though we suggest flexing your muscles and being smart to your audience, don’t be too brash! Twitter chats also give you the opportunity to learn from others. Fellow professionals and experts will probably hop in to talk about the topics they care about too! Make this like a big study session. Learn from each other, because chances are, you don’t know everything about your specialty and neither do they. Bask in the chance to make your brain bigger about the subject you and your team loves.


6. Remind yourself why you love what you do!

We hinted at this before, however, it is probably the most wonderful part of being in a Twitter chat. Discussing a topic with other like-minded people is the best way to remind yourself why you are enthusiastic about your brand, why you do what you do.

Twitter chats can reinvigorate your creative juices, get you out of a rut, and generate new ideas to make sure you are still an active participant in your community. There is a reason you are in the field you are in—because you care! If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t be talking about it with a bunch of people on Twitter!

Use resources like Twubs to find a comprehensive list of future Twitter Chats you may be interested in. Just don’t be too shy to start one yourself. You may be surprised what conversations may arise!

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