3 Reasons to Be Consistent with your Socials!

3 Reasons to Be Consistent with your Socials!

How likely are you to unfollow someone because they haven’t posted in months? Consider this next time you are developing your social media marketing strategy for next quarter.

Consistent voice = consistent brand.


What’s the most important part of a brand? Recognition, which yields retention. The more your customers see of you will allow them to put a face to this intangible entity. You want your customers to trust in your product or service—and consistency in your brand voice equals a consistent brand.

This is your chance to create a correlation with your mission and how you advertise to the world. You don’t want there to be a disconnect with what you want your audience to perceive your company as and what you are actually posting. Randomness and confusion are potential side effects of inconsistent branding if you aren’t vigilant!

“Your consumers can feel the same about your brand if you aren't careful. If your social media voice is whimsical and silly but your product packaging is sterile and plain, you're sending mixed signals that will confuse consumers and leave them feeling like your brand can't be trusted.”

— Beth Pop-Nikolov on Venevo

Consistent posting schedule = consistent follows and likes.

As we mentioned earlier, how likely are you to unfollow someone because they don’t post often, or oppositely, post too much?

If you are spamming your followers’ news feeds, you might as well wave goodbye to potential new followers and any engagement you want to come along. Nobody likes feeling suffocated or bombarded by brands, so be sure there is breathing room between your posts.

This is where schedulers like Hootsuite come in handy in conjunction with viewing your analytics. Research when your viewers are online and post at the times that make the most sense. There is no need to post every single day or multiple times a day when your followers are not even online. Be mindful of your time and theirs!

Consistent content = consistent improvements.


After posting on your social medias after an extended period of time with your scheduler of choice, you can start noticing trends in your own brand. This is important because you can realize if there are any gaps in your marketing strategy.

Social media is a literal accountability buddy—a diary for you to look back on it to see your progress and successes, as well as potential rooms to build upon. If you realize you are focusing very hard on one section of your business, such as the product but not employee appreciation, then maybe it is time to look over your overall balance of content.

Take this as an opportunity, maybe quarterly, to review the type of content you are posting and if it aligns with your mission at the moment. Then, adjust accordingly with your social media team!

Remembering these key facets on why consistency matters so much in your social strategy will allow you to engage genuinely and reliably. Your customers will surely be thankful.

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