6 New Year's Resolutions for your Startup

6 New Year's Resolutions for your Startup

What’s up 2019!? Who feels motivated and super-charged to tackle this New Year with ferocity?

New Year’s resolutions and goals are not just for your personal use, friends. Have you ever considered making some separate goal lists for your professional life? What about your startup, whether you have already started it up or you haven’t started it yet!?


We have some quality ideas to get your raring to go for 2019 to make your business vision (and vision boards!) manifest in the most excellent way possible.

Don’t be a statistic: make your goals get past February!

Expand your reach (and not just on Twitter)

Are you picking up what we’re putting down? Startups can often get so caught up in the numbers. Yes, impressions and retweets are important, but more importantly than that is being present.

Travel the nation with your ideas, or even travel the world! Expand your reach so your startup is making its footprint at conventions, conferences, and meetups so more people than just your local community can get hyped about what you have to offer.

Stop! Collaborate, and listen!

Maybe this is the year you maintain consistency in responding to those DMs you get on Twitter from other influencers. Consider also utilizing your LinkedIn to connect to relevant people in your field and see how they’re doing.

There is an amazing power in collaborative efforts. Think of ways your startup could be enhanced by introducing a few new ideas and fresh eyes into the mix. Chatting with your favorite and admired experts is only an added bonus to your startup toolbelt. There is no harm in making sure everyone in your community stays tight knit and helps each other pursue their dreams!

Make the dream team.

Maybe you’re still at the phase in your startup where it’s just you and your co-founder doing all of the legwork. Isn’t that just exhausting? You need to spend your time doing way more important things than busy work.


Make 2019 the year you form your perfect team. Get your social media manager. Get your graphic designer. Get your bookkeeper. Make sure your allocate tasks to different people so your shoulders aren’t so weighed down. The only thing that stops you from progress is having obstacles standing in the way. Hiring a wonderful team to manage all of the tiny facets of your startup will only make your vision expand that much faster.

New Year, New Brand!

Have you decided on consistent brand colors yet? Or maybe even a consistent username to use on all of your socials? Is your website completely up and ready to go?

It is a lot of effort to get those little widgets in place, but nothing screams lack of professionalism more than when your logo is still pixelated on your business card that doesn’t even match the vibe of your website. 2019 is the year you can make that branding so unique, your startup will be unforgettable.

Find financial freedom.

It is the plight of every startup founder. Funding.

We know how difficult it is to find investors and people who believe in your idea’s success. Unfortunately,there is not much better advice than you just have to keep trying.

Make it a point to send out lots of grant letters and inquiries. If you sit all day in your office worrying about how you’re going to flourish in 2019, and it’s all because of money, maybe instead of putting all of your energy into the creative part of your work, it’s time to focus on practicality.

Get that moolah!

Take the leap from startup to enterprise.

A startup doesn’t want to be a startup forever. It wants to grow up into something bigger, better, and more tangible.

Even though this is a hard idea to grasp, and it isn’t exactly measurable, this could be the year where you are no longer a startup if you play your cards right.

It may even start with just a mindset change: you know your elevator pitch you give everyone about your startup idea? Change your wording! Just saying “business” or “enterprise” instead of “startup” can drastically alter your motivations, as well as other people’s perspectives about you!

We hope 2019 brings a lot of positive change for your endeavors! Happy New Year!

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