How do you choose socials based on your brand?

How do you choose socials based on your brand?

Among the top social media buzzwords is how to “brand” yourself. Once you’ve figured that out, you can find out which social channels best suit your needs.

The myth of many.

Many headlines on large publications have catchy titles like “Every social media your startup should be on” and “A comprehensive list of social accounts to make to slay with your business!”


The truth is, it is possible to stress and spread yourself too thin. It is as the adage goes: quality over quantity. Imagine if you spend 3 hours or more per week writing, scheduling, and advertising your Facebook posts, but you only receive 10% of the engagement that Instagram is offering you. That doesn’t seem like a good use of your startup time! We know you have a mile long to-do list!

The best thing you can do for yourself and optimizing your brand is brainstorm and research. Understand the demographics of your audience, and most importantly, your product or service, in order to discover which socials you should invest both your money and time in.

We can’t give you all the tips and tricks (we’ll be here all night!), but here are some questions you should be asking yourself. Hopefully it’ll get your brain in gear to consider every facet of your brand!

Do I have a storefront?

Your social media to consider: Google.

Yes, Google. Even though Google+ is dead, (may it rest in peace), Google is still a social platform with billions of users. Do not forget to integrate your business into Google Maps and various other outlets so your business is the first thing that pops up in a search! Pro tip: make sure to include high-quality photos, your hours, and links to your other social medias!

Do I have an important message or idea to teach?

Your social media to consider: YouTube.


It is easy to consider nixing YouTube entirely because of the offerings of Instagram TV and Facebook Live. They are quick and easy. But, here’s the reality of the situation: YouTube gives you an opportunity to create way higher quality content if you have the ability to shoot and edit video well. If your startup is all about showing off your beautiful face and voice, why not choose the social channel with the most pixels? There is spontaneity to the video formats of the aforementioned, and even Snapchat. But, will they be streamed in high definition with sparkling graphics with re-playability which entice people to engage with your startup’s mission? Probably not.

Do I have an older (or potentially wealthier) demographic?

Your social media to consider: Facebook.

According to Forbes, only 9% of users on Facebook now are between the ages of 18 - 24. Just because Facebook is a veteran doesn’t mean you need to put a lot of your working hours into it. The status of social channels is changing every second, and sometimes age and average household income is something to consider. Make sure you are read up on your target audience so you know where they will be scrolling! Do the products or services of your business cost a pretty penny, such as financial advising, interior design consulting, or luxury traveling? Maybe Facebook will be your focus!

Do I have a business built on networking and connections?

Your social media to consider: LinkedIn.

There is one word that LinkedIn is more than every other social media: professional. Do you want to connect with powerful investors? Do you want to find other professionals to feature in your podcast? Do you want to create even better products or services with the force of your own and other professionals combined? LinkedIn gives the best profile on individual people and what they are capable of in the workplace. It’s like going to those fancy cocktail parties, but without putting on the uncomfortable necktie!

Do I make things with my hands?

Your social media to consider: Pinterest.

Photo from

Photo from

Of course if you have pretty things to take pictures of, post them on Instagram—that’s a no-brainer! But we can’t forget Pinterest, which has a vast array of categories to dive into. Pinterest also offer the ability of a “buy” button, incorporation of video and location, product details, and more. It’s highly underrated, but we can’t ignore the Pinterest community is a dedicated bunch!

Obviously, these are only a couple of jumping off points. There are plenty of other aspects of your business to consider such as the tone of voice you want (humorous or professional), the type of engagement you want (likes, follows, comments, or other), and the kind of images you will highlight in your posts (your product, stock photos, or other).

This is just naming a few! Go forth into your new tailored socials with increased engagement and many followers!

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