How to be Festive with Your Socials for the Holidays

How to be Festive with Your Socials for the Holidays

The reason for the season is… a lot of reasons! None of which can be ignored if you want to stand above the rest when it comes to your marketing around the holidays!

Because of the magic that is the holiday season, there are unlimited magical possibilities for what you can do with your channels. People love a reason to celebrate, so give them a hashtag to do so!


Translate traditions into the digital world.

How does this look? If you sell a product or service, consider doing an Advent Calendar style social media campaign with deals, highlights, collabs, and promos!

If you want do something more along the lines of gift-giving, maybe take this time to let your startup be giving and donate to your favorite charitable cause, encouraging your followers to give gifts of cheer as well.

Maybe share your own holidays wishlist to your audience in how you want to grow your business. Give them the gift of anticipation and excitement about what is to come! Be sure to check it twice!

Be reflective and nostalgic.

Take the time to lead up to that long-desired clean slate feeling of New Year’s by doing a look-back of 2018. Group up all those photo memories and top tweets to share how much your biz did this year. It will also be a nice feel good session for yourself! If you see all that you did in 2018, it’s only going to make 2019 that much better!

Motivation really is the name of the game. And the best part is, maybe seeing all of your impact will inspire others this season to get inspired!


Take this time to be with family.

Your social family that is! Ask your followers what they are doing for the holidays. Post polls or posts with captions with calls-to-action relevant to the holidays. “Send pics of your trees!” or “What’s your favorite gift you received?” You audience is the reason you are so successful, so treat them with love and care.

Your followers are you family too. If you engage with them in this way, it affirms them!

Deck the halls (and the bios!)

What’s one of the most fun things about the holidays? Lights! Trees! Ornaments!

The decorations are one of the most iconic jolly indicators. Ask your graphic designer to take fun spins on your logo and social media banners to literally decorate your social channels. Even go so far as to add festive emojis to your name and bios. There are so many outlets for creativity on social media. Use them!

And let’s not forget those festive puns in the form of a hashtag. People love a giggle this time of year (especially after that seasonal super special eggnog)!

One last thing…

Our final tip is to take a break—take some time to spend with your loved ones away from your screens. Especially if you use your favorite social media scheduler, you should be able to schedule some self care time off to rock around the Christmas tree!

Happy holidays to you and yours from Team Vult Lab!

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