How to Optimize Tweets for Ultimate Reach!

How to Optimize Tweets for Ultimate Reach!

It’s one of the most cryptic questions in social media marketing… is there an actual way to format your tweets so it gets more reach?!

One of the most feared words in social media marketing is “algorithm”. With all of the major socials, it can be known to adjust weekly, sometimes daily. Before you format your tweets, you must familiarize yourself with how Twitter is structured.

Image from Buffer.

Image from Buffer.

Ranked Tweets is the section on top of your feed, formulated by Twitter’s collective data on you as a user. These are your tweets that are most popular, perhaps showing your tweets from accounts you’ve never seen before. In short—this is what will keep you scrolling past the first thirty seconds.

“In case you missed it” tweets are from the accounts you love engaging with. Your friends, your connections from other startups or brands. Twitter wants to keep you in the know, so, “in case you missed it”, you’ll never be out of the inner circle.

Lastly, Twitter will dump on you whatever is left. This where some ads and promotional tweets will pop up as well. However, don’t ignore this section. If you see brands or influencers you like down the line of your feed, this can be an alert to you to start engaging with new folk! You don’t want them falling at the bottom of the Twitter food chain. Also, you would be helping them out too!

The way tweets are shown to you are due to a medley of other factors about the tweet’s metadata. Here, we will scratch the surface on some considerations so hopefully your impressions go up, and therefore, leads will increase!


Let’s talk about your tweet.

When did you post it? Do you post consistently? Does it have attached media like photo or video? Does it already have retweets or likes or click-throughs?

All of these things can judge your base level of reach. Twitter wants to show off the tweets that want to be seen. These are just some of the factors that make a difference. Once you get that foundation, those initial views and engagements, your reach will start to head up a pretty steep incline. But now that we know that, how do we get there?

Let’s talk about your interactions.

As we stated, Twitter judges what you see based on what it thinks you will like seeing. What do you as a user tend to gravitate toward? What have you liked and retweeted? Interactions with other brands and authors creates your feed. If people engage with your tweets more often, your tweets will show up on their feed more often, notably in those first two sections of tweets: ranked tweets and “in cased you missed it.”

Other accounts and brands notice when you begin engaging with them on a regular basis. This builds the basis of relationships on the platform. It’s much like meeting people in person—you start by getting their number and texting them, then you meet them for coffee, and before you know it, you’re sitting on the beach together drinking cocktails in the beautiful summer sun. It takes baby steps, but it also takes time and effort on your part as an individual and as a brand to get your face and words in other people’s lives and feeds.


Now that we know what actually gets you shown off, let’s analyze a bit deeper…

Let’s talk about your strategy.

This is what stands between you just being on your friends’ timelines and showing up in everyone’s. There are ways to kind of “hack the system” as it were (just don’t tell Twitter!) so you can see those numbers bump way up!

Don’t be afraid to reuse popular content. If you see a tweet of yours do well numbers-wise, send it out into the universe again! If it was favored before, it is likely it will be favored again… just be sure you rearrange the wording a little bit so your viewers are still seeing something new. This is when you use Twitter Analytics to your advantage—go to your Most Popular and see what’s hiding there.

Use relevant hashtags. There are so many tools, like SocialSprout, which will show you the most popular hashtags to use for your purpose. Make sure the hashtags aren’t long and overbearing (perhaps longer than the tweet itself!) Nobody likes that kind of visual pollution…


Like Shakespeare, Twitter favors brevity. You may think you have to use every character in that limit to make your tweet count—this isn’t true! Sometimes, as the adage goes, less is more. The Twitter algorithm tends to like shorter tweets. And think back to yourself as a scroller—don’t you like ingesting information at a fast pace?

Use media and images. Text is easy to scroll past. We are sensory creatures by nature, so make sure you cater to what you would enjoy viewing. If you want to post densely worded content, utilize other social channels such as blogging networks. On Twitter, they favor a delightful marriage between micro-blogging and media.

Researching the meta is one of the best ways to stay on top of the game. Knowing what times to post, perfecting your voice, responding to tagged tweets, and numerous other tips will get those impression and retweet numbers to soar into space.

Make sure not to get discouraged in the beginning… the perfect tweet awaits you, but it takes time to master!

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