What will make people read YOUR emails?

What will make people read YOUR emails?

Unsubscribing from emails is so easy. Not opening emails is even easier. The problem is, sometimes you’re a brand and you have something important to say. What gets readers reading?

Offer incentives.

“Free” is one of the most powerful words in the English language. Email marketing is one of the few times in life when quantity usurps all. Getting those initial sign-ups mostly happens when you offer your readers a reason to subscribe in the first place. Make it worth their while.

A few ideas you can toss around are free short consultations, e-books, video chats, and coupon codes to your product or online course. Even if you’re giving handouts, if they sign up, there must be something intriguing them to start with—this is crucial to getting people to stick around with you.


Prove you are the expert your readers need.

Most people will continue reading The New York Times or listening to NPR for what they need because they know how reliable those sources are. They know they will always get the news they want with the most fulfilling information-ingestion experience possible.

You need to set yourself apart from your peers. Prove to them, either with revealing something about the industry most want to keep hidden or enunciating why your product or service is unlike anything they can access, you will give them a reason to stand by you over other sources of a similar variety.

If your mailing list is providing what thousands of others are sending out, the unsubscribe button will look pretty tempting to the passive email-sifter.

Maintain brand consistency while simultaneously being personal.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when designing your email is to make a design early on and stick to it. Readers want to see consistency with what they read. They know what website homepages look like. They know how the beginnings of their favorite podcasts start. Make sure you aren’t changing the design of your email every two weeks. For ultimate identity recognition, make sure the aesthetic, colors, and images match with your website(s) and social media accounts.

However, there is a balance to be had. Nobody wants to read emails from a robot. You have to add a personal touch as well so it doesn’t just seem like the brand or company is talking to them. Think about how a Letter from the Editor can adjust a reader’s perspective on a magazine. If there isn’t an empathetic touch to your email, then nobody will be able to truly connect with you.

One way of doing this is by adding your own social media links in the email, or even conversations you are currently having on social or parts of your blog. Embedding a good tweet is always fun to see! And there’s no shame in getting people to read more of what you write, right?!

Interactivity = engagement.


Emails don’t have to just be boring morning to-do’s. They can be fun (I know, crazy right)? Think about how you can jazz your emails up with some games or calls to action. Put in links for them to explore. Add a puzzle. Embed a video. Include a survey.

Make sure your readers are active ones instead of passive. If they properly enjoy the experience of reading the emails you send out, maybe they’ll eventually get excited when one hits their inbox.

Make sure you create a quality email. Email marketing can seem intimidating, it can even be seen as dying, but there is a definite positive to considering this in your overall social media marketing strategy!

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