4 TEDTalks For Social Media Marketing Minds

4 TEDTalks For Social Media Marketing Minds

The internet has done one thing right: It has provided us with many sources of unique and inspiring information in fascinating formats.

Social media marketers and influencers can read articles, blogs, and books. They can network and chat with geniuses. However, one avenue that can be digested quickly are videos, with TEDTalks being one of the heaviest concentrations of engaging topics on the internet.

Here are some we love that are perfect for reinvigorating any social media marketing mind!

  1. Alexis Ohanian from Reddit — “How to make a splash in social media”

“If you want to succeed you’ve got to be okay to just lose control.”

This talk reveals in three short minutes how the power of the internet interacts with its creators. You may have started a website, or created one source of content for a website. You may engage with it in a unique way, but you have to realize you have no idea how it will resonate, grow, or shift when it hits other peoples’ screens. Ohanian discusses one joke turned philanthropic initiative, which extends the belief social media creators need to be one thing: Flexible. Malleable. They need to first understand the power of the social internet in order to harness it for a greater good.

2. Jerry Kane — “Social Media … You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet”

When students riot against social media, Jerry Kane argues it something worth paying attention to. He argues there’s no such thing as social media, but it’s here to stay.

One of the most enlightening things about this speech is how Kane argued the internet is social media. Social media is the internet. That was its destiny upon invention. The distinction and criteria we are creating, attempting to define what “social media” has to be, inevitably hurts not only users but marketers because it limits imaginations on what they can use the internet for. It’s about shifting perspective on what information is available to us and utilizing it to our greatest, most expedient advantage.

3. Daryl D’souza — “Building Brand - The Power of Social Media”

Need debriefed on how to make a brand consistent and reliable?

Meet down-to-earth Daryl D’souza, co-founder of a BBQ and blues restaurant but also someone who studies social media and branding. This is the talk for someone just getting into the industry, but also someone who needs refresher on how they began. Whether it’s a startup or a bustling company, everyone needs to remember how to gravitate back to their original brand. Everyone needs to keep in their brain how to resist the urge to be all things to all people. As D’souza states, a brand is what people talk about when they leave the room. As a marketer, he urges you to ponder: what do you want those words to be?

4. Talaya Waller — “The Future of Branding is Personal”

Millennials are not fickle or non-committal. They are in fact “professionally agile.”

What Waller argues in this speech is not anti-company social channels. In fact, it highlights what numerous people have forgotten because of rhetoric focused against a so-called egotist mentality of the younger generation. Waller encourages social media marketers and branders not to forget their employees as a part of their marketing. The advertising world of today is personal and today’s modern consumer has the most agency in history—we should take advantage of that!

There are numerous talks advocating the good of the social internet - how to brand, and how to shift your mindset. Dig them up, listen and learn!

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