Top 5 Social Media News Bits | Nov 2018

Top 5 Social Media News Bits | Nov 2018

What the heck happened in November in the social media universe!? Well, the short answer is a lot… but here are some of our favorite highlights (in no particular order)!

Ever send something unwanted in Facebook Messenger?


What started out as a test in Poland, Lithuania, Bolivia, and Columbia will come global wish granted. You will soon be able to unsend messages in Messenger! We are all guilty of sending something with a million typos or messaging the wrong person. So long as it is within 10 minutes of sending it, feel free to make it disappear. Anxiety—begone!

Want to send fake Insta accounts into social media exile?

Instagram is taking action. Fake comments, fake likes, and fake accounts will soon be a nuisance of the past as they crack down on their policies. With a desire to make sure users on the platform have a genuine experience, any like or comment executed with a third party app will be analyzed, and potentially no longer be able to have access to the profile. No more emoji-laden, obviously-fake, insincere-AF comments on our beautiful pics!

Do you miss Vine as much as we do?


Who doesn’t!? Even Netflix’s hit animated show Big Mouth put this opinion in an episode in the form of bathroom graffiti (pictured on the right). Vine was one of the most creative platforms on the web bringing lots of laughs. Lucky for us, it’s not dead forever. Dom Hoffman, co-creator of Vine, is unleashing Byte into the world next spring—”a beloved heir”. According to interviews, it will have the same looping video format as Vine so we can scratch that content itch!

What’s the future of LinkedIn advertising?

Overhaul is a total understatement! LinkedIn has made initiative to streamline their Campaign Manager in order to be more “objective-based”. This form of advertising will really show the value of the dollars you put into your campaigns. Want more sign-ups for your mailing list? Views on the main page of your website? LinkedIn is now going to show you the affects of your advertising with those numbers in mind, including a new Reporting Experience.

Everyone is asking the question… what’s the newest trendy app?

TikTok. After analysis in October, November has been confirmation this short video app is the next big trend. Whether it is here to stay or not, we cannot argue how many downloads it has gotten in the App Store alone. Especially with its conjunction with, there is a lot of content to be made. How long do you think people will feed into this social media bandwagon?

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