5 Ways to Up Your Insta Game

5 Ways to Up Your Insta Game

We promise we won’t keep the secrets from you: it is possible to make your Instagram so nice, it’ll be hard for others to scroll by something *aesthetic* …

The top Instagrammers make the ideal grid seem so far away. Behind expensive several thousand dollar cameras, specific photo shoots with sets to boot just to take Instagram photos … we assure you, you don’t need to feel intimidated or alienated from one of the best social platforms out there.

Here are some tips you may not have considered when it comes to upping the quality of your very own grid:

1. Stop using your front-facing camera for selfies.


But why not?

On most phone cameras, the front-facing camera has a lower quality output. The megapixels are often half if not a third of the quality of the outer camera (we advise you to check your camera specs for more details!)

It may not seem like much, but with the amount of selfies all over Instagram, you will start to notice a crisper picture on your feed when the images of you, your friends, and your colleagues faces match the top-notch megapixel quality of your gorgeous landscape shots.

Don’t be afraid to take the extra time to use the countdown feature for photos or to pull out that famed selfie stick we know you have (you’ll just have to flip it around!)

2. Choose a color scheme or gradient and stick to it.

You may not think a lot of people click on individual profiles, but they do. When they see an aesthetically pleasing photo, especially something with a beautiful complimentary gradient overlay, it will draw them to your profile.

Then, imagine what type of eye candy they will see when they scroll through your photos: something brand cohesive while at the same time seeming like a mural painted by a pro.

Choosing a color scheme, especially one that fits with your brand identity, only increases your chances for a follow and further brand recognition.


3. Find your niche (there may be an app for it!)

This may not fit for your individual purposes, but would you believe some brilliant creators have made apps specifically to niche Instagram communities?

Are you a pet shop or have an animal-focused Insta? Look Birdy is an app specifically made for animal-based accounts to have top quality pictures. Same goes for apps like FoodShareFilter, which caters (no pun intended) to the foodies of the platform.

We suggest you mind-map or brainstorm what you want your feed to look like. What will it consist of? How can you use other apps tailored to your type of content to make it stand out even more?

4. Hide your hashtags with the dot trick

There are several ways you can go about this …


Have you ever seen an Instagram post so drowned in hashtags in the description of the image you didn’t even feel the desire to like it? It’s because Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, and it is almost always a good idea to get your mileage out of them.

But, how can you include all of those useful hashtags without overwhelming your viewers?

The first idea is posting all of your hashtags in the first comment of the image. Or, you can type 4-5 periods after the main written content of your post, and hit enter after each one. This will cause anyone who wants to see the hashtags to click the “read more” button after the meat of your description without them being initially overwhelmed.

You get the best of both worlds: you get engagement and visually pleasing text!

5. Don’t be afraid to Regram content

Engaging with like-minded individuals on Instagram goes beyond just liking, commenting, and following. It is possible to show your love to other content creators further by using apps like Regram to share their content on your own feed.

The best advantage to this is that it will give the other account credit in the image, allowing your followers to engage with accounts you enjoy and admire. Demonstrating your commitment to being a part of the bigger Instagram conversation may inspire others to do the same and share your content as well.


There are plenty of ways to boost the quality of your Instagram without shelling out the big bucks. These little hacks can get you well on your way to that crisp, luscious Instagram that your followers will be excited to see.

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