Web Summit 2018: What Are We Doing!?

Web Summit 2018: What Are We Doing!?

According to Forbes, there is a best technology conference on the planet. That place is Web Summit. Since we intend on being with the best of the best, it only makes sense for us to get there!

This year, Web Summit will be in Lisbon, Portugal, November 5th-8th, and the most out of this world social media team will be there to strut their stuff. That’s right: we are hopping across the ocean for the sake of Twitter (and other cool stuff)!

Here’s a flashback from how cool it was last year!

Get hyped!

Not only will Vult Lab be landing (in a personalized rocket ship, of course, what else?), our podcast specifically for startups, Startup Tuesday, will be making a presence as well to make sure everyone there knows the best ways to not only make it in Portugal, but everywhere else on the planet, too. You know, because starting up that startup isn’t easy!

It is such an honor to be attending this world-changing conference, and we are excited to see everyone there and learn about all of the amazing technologies that are changing the world right now.

Vult Lab and Startup Tuesday will be in attendance alongside key opinion leaders and influencers, like Ev Williams (Founder and CEO of Medium), Ben Silbermann (CEO and Co-Founder of Pinterest), Brad Smith (President of Microsoft), and Emmett Shear (CEO of Twitch). With all of these cool folks, it’s bound to be a party.

Wondering what we’ll be doing?

Google VR
“Team Vult Lab will be doing a promotion with Google. With the launch of Tour Creator, the Google VR team is kicking off a program to create a series of career tours—and ours will allow students to see what a day is like working for Vult Lab!” — Kelly Ann Collins, Vult Lab CEO

“Meanwhile, The Startup Tuesday Podcast team will be out and about, interviewing startup founders and thought leaders about social media and how to grow companies quickly through the power of social media marketing.” — Ken Schmidt, Vult Lab Social Media Manager & Startup Tuesday Producer

Our CEO will also be on hand, during a special session with the Web Summit team, to mentor startup founders on their social media strategies on Wednesday, November 7th, at 10:30am! If you would like to book a spot, email info@vultlab.com to get on the list!

Web Summit asks of its participants, specializing in technologies, startups, and policies … where to next? For us, we know where we’re going next: authentic social media marketing with a dash of space-age magic. What more could you ask for?

Be sure to come hang out with us and clink a glass with the best hashtags at the place where the future claims to be born!

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