Curious about our work to change the world?!

Our Social Good Campaigns

We only work with brands and people
who want to make the world a better place.
Why? Because we do, too. 

From health and nutrition to gender equality and climate change, now is the time to make big moves. In our lives. To help save the world.

That is why — as a company — we only work with people, brands and nonprofits who are also committed to helping everyone on this awesome planet we like to call our home live better, happier lives.

And being a corporation with social responsibility or running a social good campaign doesn’t just help the planet, it helps business, too. Why?

  • It creates a sense of purpose for your company

  • It attracts the attention of millennials and Gen Z

  • Boosts morale at work

That’s why we’ve dedicated our lives to creating content alongside brands, nonprofits, celebrities, thought leaders and influencers that’s not just promotional, it’s inspirational, educational and good for future generations.

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Quick note: before we were Vult Lab we were Kelly Ann Collins, our founder and CEO, so some of these campaigns were executed by Kelly Ann Collins and some of our team members before Vult Lab incorporated.


Monkey Kingdom
We helped Conservation International with messaging and strategy for a fundraiser with Disneynature. A portion of Monkey Kingdom’s opening week ticket sales was donated to conservation programs in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Indonesia.


Free Smoothie Day (& More)
We worked on several campaigns in Washington, D.C., (Venus Williams’ locations) and NYC to drive Jamba Juice smoothie sales and to help the homeless, alongside IR Media. On one fine day we helped pack three Jamba Juice locations in Washington, D.C., with more people that they’d ever seen in history (more than 10,000 people).

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“Journey To 100% Ethically Sourced Coffee”
We worked on the Starbucks 99% sustainable coffee announcement with Conservation International. Starbucks knows humans have the power to make a difference in the future of our planet. That's why they partner with organizations like Conservation International to ensure the coffee is as close to 100% ethically sourced as possible.

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Results for Development
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
R4D believes that prosperity starts with healthy, educated people. We believe that, too! That is why we are so hype that we’ve been able to work on a wide variety of campaigns for R4D with Open Government Partnership, World Bank, USAID, Save the Children, and more.

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Adobe’s “Tweet For Good”
The goal? Raise $10,000 for Conservation International on World Environment Day in 24 hours. Every mention of the hashtag #CreateChange was worth a $7 Adobe donation. The campaign resulted in more than 1,600 mentions of the hashtag — and, yes, a $10,000 donation to by Adobe!

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Easter Seals
2012, 2013
We worked with with micro-influencers, and macro-influencers (Dan Brokaw and Gary Sinise) to increase awareness of Easter Seals’ annual Advocacy Awards fundraiser, which generated more than $400,000 to support Easter Seals services for veterans. This was the highest total in the event’s history.

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Lonely Whale
In 2015, our CEO starting working with Lonely Whale as an ambassador to help spread the word that putting plastic in the ocean is a very bad thing. Today, we are happy to continue to spread the good word about ocean health as a team as we work to help empower consumers to choose and champion sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic plastics through the #HYDRATELIKE challenge as a part of the Lonely Whale and Point Break Foundation movement to end single-use plastic water bottles.


Conservation International
2014, 2015
We worked with Conservation International and HP on the Million Dollar Hashtag campaign with HP to raise $1 million for conservation projects—organically (meaning no paid posts or ads) using the #NatureIsSpeaking hashtag. And in just 7 months, we (as the social media lead), working alongside CI’s comms team (overall lead and recipient), HP (sponsor) and Lee Clow’s team at TBWA (the film lead), hit the goal! There was even a Cannes Gold Lion Award involved. Yeah, it was awesome.


Third Eye Blind
The band members at Third Eye Blind are way into social good. We were honored to work alongside The Syndicate / Sneak Attack Media to not just come up with a social media marketing strategy for this awesome band, but to make sure that strategy contained plenty of social good.