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On the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s CBC News, talking social media and American politicians.

On the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s CBC News, talking social media and American politicians.


One of the very first bloggers, influencers, digital journalists and livestreamers, Kelly Ann Collins is an expert in building communities.

She’s been on ICQ, AOL, Yahoo Messenger, and even ran her own site with daily updates before blogging was a thing.

Kelly Ann was one of the first Google influencers (before “influencer” was a word) back in 2003, an honor that threw her into an elite circle of Internet legends, including the young man who masterminded the pop-up blocker (a genius!), the creator of text ads (no joke!), and the guys who launched of one of the very first ranking and online dating sites. She even (haphazardly) ended up in an early investor meeting for Friendster.

After leaving her work as one of the first digital journalists, helping to launch the USA Today Information Network (what later became, then working as an employee to help launch AOL Co-founder Steve Case’s Revolution, she turned her love of blogging into a startup business, bootstrapping, launching and running a pop-politics and celebrity cause blog that gained 3 million monthly readers within one year. The blog’s mission was to inspire young people to vote and to take an interest in social causes. It was the first media website of its kind to get regular White House and presidential candidate access (before Gawker, BuzzFeed and Perez Hilton), taking its fans through the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election with insightful (yet fun!) behind-the-scenes clips.

Considered a “Leader of the Pack” by POLITICO and one of the “Top 20 Hottest Geek Girls,” Kelly Ann is considered to be in the top 2% of female entrepreneurs, since she has raised more than $1 million to fund her various entrepreneurial endeavors.

Now, she helps brands and influencers launch and run their own communities through the cause-driven social media agency she launched in 2015, Vult Lab, which works with big brands, thought leaders and influencers, nonprofits and NGOs on projects that “help make the world a better place” in a variety of ways.

In addition to running social good campaigns for Fortune 500s, planning and executing social media strategies for cause-oriented orgs and companies, and mentoring nonprofit, social enterprise and startup founders on social media marketing strategies, Team Vult Lab also works to give opportunities to bright young minds who are, as Kelly Ann likes to call it, “geographically challenged.”

”When I was a young girl, growing up in West Virginia, I knew I had to leave my wild and wonderful home state if I wanted to have my dream job, which was working on major media projects. And so I did. Today, however, thanks to wi-fi and cool apps, like Skype and Slack, people can work as a team even when they aren’t in the same office,” she said.

”So it is completely thrilling to me to have not only great clients—but to have amazing team members, too, who are doing what they love from where they love! It’s been a very exciting journey to grow a team of talented tech-oriented folks who adore social media, social good, and enjoy working remotely.”

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At Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon.

At Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon.

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Collins has previously partnered with Wix in Tel Aviv, a web development platform with 110 million users, using this exact strategy. She advises that not only are Twitter lists a great way to keep tabs on the people you want to collaborate with, but also a great way to learn more about their likes and dislikes, making your in-person meeting more advantageous. “A pre-event tweet to someone is a great way to break the ice in real life,” says Collins.

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